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RSO 1g

RSO 1g

THC: 77.73%

CBD: 0.66%

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5.0   3 reviews

RSO is NOT a solventless concentrate, but we use ethanol to extract RSO from our Solventless concentrate.

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis concentrate designed for oral ingestion, originally created by Rick Simpson to be used as a treatment for his own cancer. Since then, many protocols have been created to use this product, intending to help with cancer and other major and minor health issues such as MS and arthritis. RSO is a truly full spectrum extract, containing THC and a wide range of compounds from the cannabis trichomes and plant matter, some of which make it darker and unsuitable for smoking or dabbing. Starting by eating a half grain of rice sized dose or smaller is recommended for this oral concentrate.


November 03 02:52 pm - Ingrid M. Q.

It works very well!
October 19 10:39 am - Ingrid

Works very well to control nausea before (ideally) ingesting food or during ingestion. I have always been a horse to drug, but this works well enough for me to keep my meals and medications down. I also agree with the other review given before mine- great price point. But even better, the staff at HV! Tom has helped me out with so many various issues due to my TBI mainly (and epilepsy). Also, definitely deserving of mention for their awesomeness & “good vibes only” disposition, not to mention their expertise guidance in the ingestion, vaping, smoking, etc of cannabis Joe Banga, Meg, Gabriella, Bee, Dennis, Dominic, Julian, AJ (bud tender, to boot), and all of the security staff that I can remember right now (Josh, Fay, John, Sean, Paul, and my friend of many years, Mr. P. Wagner (his father-in-law) mentioned to me that Dan works for HV doing security and delivering of some sort. I’m looking forward to possibly running into him one day… I’m sorry if I left anyone out‼️I’ll probably remember later today and wish that I could kick myself…Alas, I can’t even freaking walk yet‼️ L O L😘😮🎃🙀❣️I adore all of you‼️ Especially Tommy❣️Please keep up the fantastic work; you have made a HUGE difference in my world for the better! Thank you so very much for your expert guidance and support ~ as always‼️ ~Ingrid
September 08 11:18 pm - dg92944

Your RSO price point is great. It will save me trips to Maine