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Stir Stix 50mg THC - Raspberry Lemonade

Stir Stix 50mg THC - Raspberry Lemonade

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THC: 50mg

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Stir Stix were designed with discretion in mind, crafted for those seeking a subtle and sophisticated way to enjoy cannabis on the go. Our groundbreaking tech allows THC to absorb in your body (bioavailability) in just 15 minutes, turning every experience into a vibe. Just pour, stir, and ride the express lane to good times. No matter the flavor or the setting, each 5mg Stir Stix crafts a consistent, enjoyable experience every time, no surprises.

Available in 5 flavors: Raspberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Wild Strawberry, Orange Pineapple and Unflavored. Includes ten 5mg drink pouches. Use 1 packet per 16oz water bottle or beverage.