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Happy Valley - Gloucester
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Happy Valley - Gloucester
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Gummies 100 mg THC Blood Orange

THC: 100mg

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Expertly prepared in our kitchen, Happy Valley Gummies are made from hybrid distillate oil and are always free of artificial colors and flavors. Gluten free, all-natural ingredients include: Corn Syrup, Beet Sugar (US-made, Non-GMO), Water, 100% Porcine Gelatin, Potato Starch, contains 2% or less Citric Acid, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural Color, Natural Flavor, THC (CO2 Distillate Oil)

Happy Valley Gummies are accurately dosed and available in 20 servings per package, 100mg THC total (5mg THC per gummy). A higher dose option of 400mg THC total (20mg THC per gummy) is available for medical patients only.


August 14 10:24 pm - Great_island

Tried these 5 mg gummies and they were tasty and fast acting. It hit me hard but was very chill.