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Happy Valley - Gloucester
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Happy Valley - Gloucester
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Chem Fuego (Classic)

Chem Fuego (Classic)

Staff Pick

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THC: 26.41%


Chem Fuego is a hybrid cultivar that combines three pillars of legendary genetics with Sour Diesel, Headband, and Chemdog 91. This leads to a robust terpene profile that has notes of skunk, earthy pine, and a lingering sour fuel flavor that coats the pallet upon exhale. This is a potent well balanced hybrid that has a strong, yet clear headed, and creative experience. Happy Valley’s Flower is cultivated from start to finish for a truly premium experience. We insist on meticulously hand trimming our fresh flower before curing it for two weeks to preserve the terpene profile. After careful placement our glass jars are then hermetically sealed to ensure optimum flavor and freshness.