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Happy Valley - Gloucester
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Sunset Sherbet (Select) (TAX INCLUDED)

Sunset Sherbet (Select) (TAX INCLUDED)

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THC: 30.45%


Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties

The infamous clone only variety Sunset Sherbert is visually stunning and densely coated with trichomes. The floral notes offer a fragrant bouquet that soothes the senses, while the cinnamon and pine undertones provide a grounding, earthy depth.

When we talk about flower cultivated by Happy Valley, attention to detail from start to finish is the name of the game. Once flower is harvested, it is closely monitored for moisture content until it is in the perfect spot for hand trimming. Once trimmed, the manicured flower is handed off to our team of cure technicians where it stays for the next few weeks. The result of this collaborative effort is a more robust terpene profile, bolder flavor and elevated experience.