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Live Hash Rosin Cartridge .5g - Dubble Tropicanna

Staff Pick

THC: 74.76%

Total Terpenes: 7.1%

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5.0   2 reviews

Dubble Tropicanna is a potent hybrid created by crossing of Sour Dubble (East Coast Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble) and Tropicana Cookies. After running out the seeds we landed on a cultivar which leans strongly to the Sour Dubble parent. As a result, the nose is earthy, with strong notes of chocolate and coffee. The flowers are bright green with splashes of purple and covered in trichomes.

Try Rosin in Vape form! To make our Live Hash Rosin Cartridge we heat-cure our 73-159 micron live hash rosin in a sealed jar until it is a stable liquid. We pay close attention to make sure we only heat the rosin enough to create a stable liquid. Any additional heat affects the flavor, so we add as little as possible. This product offers consumers a simple and authentic vape version of their favorite live rosin. Always made without solvents, we pay a great deal of attention to each step of the process to produce the highest quality product for you to enjoy!

Our solventless vape carts have fully ceramic 510 cartridges. We recommend using both versions at 2.0-2.7 volts and to avoid hitting them multiple times in a row for the best experience throughout the life of the cartridge.


October 19 09:59 am - JRM419

BRIGHT yellow with incredible clarity. This cart is my go to daily driver.
October 10 08:51 am - SeanTron

One of the best rosin vapes I have tried! Tastes just like a dab! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥