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Live Hash Rosin Sauce Cartridge .5g - Sugar Shack #10

THC: 67.52%

Total Terpenes: 11.65%

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Sugar Coat X Bakers Dozen

A visually stunning new cultivar that delivers a strong but relaxing experience. Aromas of sourdough with savory herbal scents accentuated by fuel and earthy aromas.

Our Live Hash Rosin Sauce Cartridge takes the live rosin cart to another level. We must use heat to create a stable, liquid-form live rosin, so we add terpenes and flavor back afterward using live rosin sauce and fresh solventless terpenes from that cultivar. These ingredients replace parts of the aroma and flavor profile that are inevitably lost during the heat-cure. The live rosin sauce is created by sweating terpenes and minor cannabinoids out of our 73-159 micron live rosin at low temperature and pressure, and the solventless terpene extraction distills monoterpenes from fresh flowers harvested minutes before. Respectively, these replace the moderately and highly volatile rosin components, and together with the liquid-form live rosin, they offer an enriched spectrum of the cultivar’s authentic flavor, aroma, and psychoactive compounds. We take more time to produce these so that we can deliver more nuance to your vape. Always made without solvents, we pay a great deal of attention to each step of the process to produce the highest quality product for you to enjoy!

Our solventless vape carts have fully ceramic 510 cartridges. We recommend using both versions at 2.0-2.7 volts and to avoid hitting them multiple times in a row for the best experience throughout the life of the cartridge.